Begonia tropaeolifolia Metallica


Begonia tropaeolifolia Metallica is a stunning Trailing Begonia (Gobenia section) from Ecuador. This is the ‘Metallica’ form of tropaeolifolia, developing beautiful metallic colouration at different growth stages, compared to the standard tropaeolifolia which is uniformly green.

All Gobenias can be very temperamental until established, please ensure you understand their requirements before ordering. Ensure no standing water on leaves, high humidity and cool temperatures (under 25C ideally).

Upon receipt it’s recommended to move the plant to a closed container with moist sphagnum, keep away from bright light initially and forget about it until they show signs of new growth. It’s common for all leaves to melt almost overnight if conditions are not ideal, but recovery is usually very fast once conditions are ideal, as long as some stem remains.